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What are chakras and how do they impact our health?

Most people will have heard of chakras but may

not be completely sure what they are. Well, we all have them, so do animals and they do need maintenance!

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. It refers to the shape of the energy vortexes that are found in the etheric body or human energy field of each being. There are 7 main chakras (and dozens of minor chakras) and these are the structure of the basic human energetic system. These chakras are found in a vertical line down the front and back of the central channel in the energy field.

Our mind and our attitudes influence the flow of energy in our energy field and this energy has an impact on our physical well being. Each area of the central energy channel and its associated chakra is connected to a certain focus or way of being. The more balanced our attitudes, the more balanced the energy distribution in our energy field. When we have an imbalance in our chakras this is referred to as an energy block. These blocks can be the result of negative emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, guilt etc... which have been held onto, they can occur from a physical or mental trauma in our past, they can be the side effect of overindulgence in drugs, chemicals or alcohol or too much stress over a period of time. They can also be the result of lack of nurture, encouragement and love in one’s life.

Here is a very brief overview of each chakra, its function and how its imbalance may impact on your physical well being.

The Crown Chakras function is understanding, knowledge and wisdom and if unbalanced you may experience depression, confusion, alienation, lack of understanding, lack of ability to relate or learn and the ability to be logical and make decisions.

The Third Eye Chakras function is intuition, perception, intellect and dreaming and if unbalanced you may experience headaches, insomnia, nightmares, vision problems, and eye disorders.

The Throat Chakras function is communication and creativity and if unbalanced you may experience throat problems, colds, stiff neck, hearing difficulties and thyroid disorders.

The Heart Chakras function is love and compassion and if unbalanced you may experience heart/lung diseases and high blood pressure.

The Solar Plexus Chakras function is power and willpower and if unbalanced you may experience liver, stomach disorders, hypoglycaemia and diabetes.

The Sacral Chakras function is desire, sexuality and procreation and if unbalanced you may experience bladder/uterine difficulties, lower back pain, impotency and frigidity.

The Root Chakras function is survival, individuality and grounding and if unbalanced you may experience frequent illness, obesity, bowel problems, arthritis, poor eating habits.

In our next blog we will talk about ways of cleansing and balancing your chakras.

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