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May Musings

Here we are mid month and the weather is typically late spring in the UK...wet but warm. I have green strawberries waiting for sunshine and a veritable slug army to control! Everything is at the starting point, tensed and ready for action, it just needs the starting gun of the suns energy to set it off full speed.

May is a time of new beginnings, growth and nurture, so whilst the rain is beating down take time to nourish yourself, in the same way the rain is nourishing the earth. Have long baths, read a book, eat some lovely fresh food and just take time to breath. When the sun comes out take full advantage of its healing and invigorating energy and spend as much time outside as you can soaking up the warm rays. May is also a great time for enjoying the lengthening days, I always feel like I have more time as there is a noticeable difference in the daylight hours. If you can get up and out to hear the dawn or sneak out to see the dusk you will be rewarded with the experience of natures ripe growth, the birds singing their songs, the buds and blossoms bursting and the sense of the sap rising...there is so much power to tap into right now!

Useful crystals to encourage your connection with the earth are green moss agate and tree agate and both are great for helping to stimulate plant growth. Tiger’s eye and Amber will help to nourish your solar plexus chakra, centering and finding your creativity and as they are warm sun crystals they will fire up your spark!

May is thought to be named after two goddesses, the Greek goddess Maia who was the mother of Hermes, the messenger of the Gods and the Roman goddess named Maia, who was named for the Latin word for large, maius, and she was associated with growth and the spring. Over time the two goddesses became intertwined and consequently gave their name to our now fifth month.

May is a feeling of almost summer...have a little patience, its coming.

"The world's favourite season is the spring, all things seem possible in May." - Edwin Way Teale

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