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Woodland Courses and Workshops

Come and join us in beautiful ancient woodland at one of our hands on creative and inspirational workshops.

Dates TBC from 2023 onwards, please fill in the form below to register your interest. 


An Introduction to Runes

Learn a little of their history, meanings and practical use and craft your own personal Rune set

An Introduction to Ogham

Find out more about this ancient Celtic tree alphabet and craft your own Ogham set

An Introduction to Dowsing

Discover how to tune in and utilise dowsing in your everyday life. Includes crafting your very own Pendulum

An Introduction to Smudging

Explore this ancient practice for clearing energy and craft your own Smudge Fan and Smudge Sticks

Charms, Amulets and Talismans

Unleash your power, connect, craft and charge your own magical amulets for manifestation, protection and more

Talking Sticks and Spirit Sticks

Used as a communication aid physically and spiritually, craft your own ceremonial Talking or Spirit Stick


Wands and Wish sticks 

Connect with the forest energies and make and charge your own wand or wish stick


Shamanic Drum Making

Hand craft and birth your very own Shamanic Drum and beater using traditional methods

Feeling Energies

Establish connection to your higher self, earth and nature energies and learn techniques for self protection


Finding your Magic

Your path to finding and working with your inner power to help you live a more magical and connected life

Reiki Level 1 Foundation (including attunement)

Begin your Reiki journey and enhance your life with this powerful self healing will never look back!

Please send us your details below and we will keep you informed of dates

Thank you, we'll be in touch soon!

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