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Beautiful Hawthorn Wood pendulums handcrafted and turned in our Devon studio by Justin. We are blessed to be guardians of a sacred woodland in Devon and the Hawthorn wood used to make this pendulum was gifted from a fallen tree, so its energy is very pure and strong! Every pendulum is individually turned and shaped to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and amplify its energy.

Hawthorn brings the energy of protection, creativity, self confidence, purification and patience. It has a masculine energy and is a sacred tree in Celtic Astrology being the guardian from 13th May to 9th June. Considered sacred by the Celtic summer flower maiden Olwen so also associated with the owl. Hawthorn is associated with the element of Air and is sacred to Aquarius and the wind lord Vashaan. It was often planted in the parameters of a cottage for protection. It is believed that fairies live in the hedges of Hawthorn especially if near ash or oak. Having Blackthorn and Hawthorn growing in grove together creates a strong magical energy and we are blessed to such a grove in our sacred woodland.

The pendulum has been suspended on a silver colour chain with a real crystal bead at the end, please choose your preferred crystal from the option box when ordering. Every piece of wood is unique, so colours, tones and grain patterns will vary a little. Approx 3.5cm / 1.5" long on a 21cm / 8" silver plated chain. Supplied in a drawstring organza bag or a recycled gift box.

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

For more information on ways to use your pendulum, please have a read of our 'Dowsing with a Pendulum' blog post at

Wooden Dowsing Pendulum Hawthorn Wood handturned in Devon choice of bead


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