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Witches Poppets or Magic Dolls have been used for magical work around the world since ancient times. They can be used to represent a specific person or deity for the purpose of healing, connection, manifestation, protection, luck or spell work. This includes using them as a witness for your own self healing, or as a kitchen witch charm.

These beautiful little poppets are each individually crafted bringing together materials that are called to work together. Along with the internal stuffing they have sacred white sage, lavender, sweetgrass and copal resin. We use as many recycled and vintage fabrics and wools as possible to make our poppets and they are finished with hand sewing and embroidery. Each one has a little pocket that can be used to hold a crystal, spell, affirmation etc...

This particular poppet wears a vintage bead amulet with a central Abalone Shell. Whilst every poppet is made with love and care, we do not bind them to any particular person or deity or indeed any specific use so they are clean and ready for your own intentions and blessings to be programmed into them. Size approx 8" / 20cm tall.

The Witches Poppet pictured is the one you will receive. We are also happy to custom make a poppet for you with your choice of hair colour, skin tone and crystal, please just ask.

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

Witches Poppet Magic Doll for manifesting and healing with Abalone Shell


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