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Simply stunning original hand embroidered art featuring a beautiful Three Hares design with floral surround created with coloured threads and vintage beads.

The three hares image is found all over the world and on many sacred and religious buildings. Very little is known about it's origins, but is thought to represent similar symbolism to the triquetra and triskele symbols and has been adapted to represent the trinity. It can be seen on the churches of Devon, England where they are known as the "Tinners' Rabbits".

Every single stitch has been placed with love and intention to craft this totally unique piece. We have used recycled cotton fabric as our base and then gone with the flow and where the energy guides us. Very tactile to hold and run your fingers over the pattern. This piece is filled with very intricate details and took many many hours to complete.

This would make a wonderful addition to your altar or sacred space or as a gift to a good friend.

The hoop is made from sustainable bamboo and recycled fabric is sewn to the back to hide the messy backstitching! 

Approx size 24cm / 9.5"

All our handcrafted items are made with love, intention and just a little magic )0(

Original Hand Embroidery Art with Three Hares Design - 24cm / 9.5"


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