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Beautiful original hand embroidered art featuring a Moonlight Fox applique with a full moon behind.

Foxes are the symbol of growth and inspiration, but also cleverness, cunning and magic. As a soul animal, the power animal fox shows us that it is time to take action. Thereby he helps you to find the right way. Seeing a fox is considered to be very good luck. Foxes walk the fine line between the wilds and urban living, making the best of both environments. They are adaptable, clever and full of mischief.

This little Fox has been crafted using a a felt applique method which is padded when being sewn to give a 3d effect and bring the piece to life. Every single stitch has been placed with love and intention to craft this totally unique piece. We use recycled cotton fabric as our base and then go with the flow and where the energy guides us. Very tactile to hold and run your fingers over the pattern.

This would make a wonderful addition to your altar or sacred space or as a gift to a good friend.

The hoop is made from sustainable bamboo and the fabric is pulled in behind to hide the messy backstitching! 

Approx size 11cm / 4"

All our handcrafted items are made with love, intention and just a little magic )0(

Moonlight Fox Original Hand Embroidery Art Applique - 11cm / 4"


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