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This beautiful Ceremonial Smudge Fan has been lovingly created from a found animal horn and naturally moulted cruelty free feathers. All our feathers are naturally moulted and these ones all came from our friends young pet Peacock and Peahen.

We have lovingly added a recycled suede trim and vintage shell beads to create a stunning and unique item. approx 42cm / 17" .

Horns have always played an important part in rituals and their shape aligns with both the rays of the sun and the crescent moon. The association of horns with power and fertility accounts for the proliferation of horned gods and goddesses in both the East and the West.
 All our handcrafted items are made with our love and intention and a little magic )0( 

We also sell a range of sage, incense and holy woods suitable for smudging.

Ceremonial Smudge Fan with found horn handle handcrafted with cruelty free feath


Buy 2 or more items and get 10% off 💚

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