Stunning wooden wand made from Devon Holly Wood. Holly Wood encourages purity, strength, protection, sleep and overcoming grief.We are blessed to be guardians of a small woodland in Devon and this wand is made from an old section of Holly tree that fell last autumn.

The natural shape of the wood has been lovingly respected and a simple spiral design has been burnt on with a spiral hand shaped onto it to encourage the natural flow of energy through the wood. We have attached and bound on a Tangerine Quartz point for added amplification and focus. Tangerine quartz enhances one's strength to continue both those things that are needful and those one wants. 

Holly being a sacred Celtic tree we have also burnt the Ogham symbol of tinne on the wand for extra energy and protection.  

Holly is regarded as the most universally applicable of essences to heal the inner being and to stimulate the basic loving nature of the human soul. Holly is the Celtic tree sign for people born between July 8th - August 4th. The sacred spear of Odin was made of Holly and it was sacred to the Druids.  Holly wands are often used in magic concerning sleep. It is said that a man who carries the leaves and berries of holly is irresistible to women. Since the story of the ruler ship of the Holly King and the Oak King deal with cycles and rebirth, it is often used in magic to ease the loss of loved ones to death. It also carries properties of the sacred, material advance, physical revenge, and beauty.

The finished wand has then been lightly waxed with our own natural beeswax, olive oil and lavender hand-blended wax and given a little polish. Size approx length 35cm / 13.5".

All our handcrafted items are created and infused with love, positive intentions and a little magic )0(

If you have need for a wand made just for you, we are happy to take commissions which incorporate your own sacred symbols, please message us with your ideas.

Wooden Wand made from English Holly wood with Tangerine Quartz crystal


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