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Beautiful English Ivy Wood pendulums handcrafted and turned in our rural studio by Justin. Every pendulum is individually turned and shaped to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and amplify its energy.

We are blessed to be guardians of a woodland in Devon and the Ivy wood used to make these pendulums was gifted from a fallen tree, so the energy is very pure and strong! 

Ivy Wood symbolises determination, strength, optimism, success in business and new endeavours
Druids consider this wood to be sacred and it makes good ritual tools for protection, especially against wayward spirits and angry elementals. Ivy is also highly regarded for it's ability to bring you back to earth, should you ever feel lost in the other realms, just ask to be shown Ivy and you will always find your way home.

The pendulum has been suspended on a silver colour chain with a real crystal bead at the end, please choose your preferred crystal from the option box when ordering. Every piece of wood is unique, so colours, tones and grain patterns will vary a little. Approx 4-5cm / 1.5-2" long on a 21cm / 8" silver plated chain. Unless otherwise specified, we will send you a slender design pendulum as we have found this shape to be more responsive. Supplied in a drawstring organza bag with an information sheet on ways they can be used.

For more information on ways to use your pendulum, please have a read of our 'Dowsing with a Pendulum' blog post at

Wooden Pendulum English Ivy Wood handturned


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