This amazing Crystal Grid has been thoughtfully hand designed to include a central Brother Wolf with a Dream Catcher style mandala with feathers. The design is hand burnt onto the wood making the piece one of a kind. It can be used as a focus for your daily meditation or as a visualisation or manifestation aid. 

We are blessed to be guardians of a small woodland in Devon and this grid is made from English Ash from a 90yr old tree which had fallen. Ash Wood encourages peace of mind, wisdom, brain power, understanding, ambition, strength, good health and protection for the home. Ash is long thought to be the  World Tree, a tree that joined the three worlds, the underworld, the middle earth, and the spiritual realm, as it roots deep into the earth and spans the Universe. Ash is also though of as the Goddess tree and is the Celtic tree for people born between February 18th - March 17th. The piece has then been lightly waxed with our own natural beeswax, olive oil and lavender hand-blended wax and given a little polish. Size approx 22cm / 9" wide x 33cm / 13" long

The Wolf is a symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. Wolves have the ability to make quick and firm emotional attachments, and the symbol of the wolf can help you to learn to trust your own instincts.
Dream Catchers are thought to have originated with the Native American Ojibwe people who had an ancient legend about the Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi who took care of the children and the people on the land. The Ojibwe believed that these dream catchers changed people’s dreams as the web would catch and hold any harmful or bad thoughts and only allow good thoughts to enter the sleepers mind and dreams. Bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day and good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper. 

Ash being a sacred Celtic tree we have also burnt the Ogham symbol of nion on the back for extra energy and protection.

We have chosen to display using Moonstone and Kyanite for their vibrational links to dreamtime and universal consciousness and Black Tourmaline and Carnelian for their grounding and Sacral Chakra resonance, plus a Quartz central crystal and a Quartz connector point, but you can use any crystals you are particularly drawn to. 

All our handmade items are created and infused with love, positive intentions and a little magic )0(

Please note - you have the option to purchase just the grid or the grid and crystals as listed above .

Wooden Crystal Grid made from Devon Ash Wood with Brother Wolf Dream Catcher