Beautiful and elegant bowl made from Devon grown Monterey Pine. The tree was cut down in friends neighbours garden and we were lucky to be able to have some of the wood. 

Justin has kept the shape simple to show off the lovely grain patterns and colour.  Approx size 3.75cm/1.5" high and 14.5cm/5.75" diameter.

Pine carries the energy of peace, rejuvenation, meditation and harmony. Pine is a tree of peace and being an evergreen it reminds us that peace can be everlasting in our hearts. The pinecones and their magical seeds also suggest renewal. Many spiritual teachers also see the pinecone as a representation of the pineal gland or third eye. Having this wood in your home is great for meditation and as sense of harmony.

This is a truly unique bowl, Justin likes to maintain the natural feel and energy of the wood as much as possible. The bowl has been finished with oil and wax, giving a lovely soft sheen and feel. 

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

Wooden Bowl made from Monterey Pine wood handturned in Devon, England