A soft and silky handturned bowl made from Maple wood, which would be suitable for offerings, crystals or holding special items. 

Maple traditionally symbolises change, communication, travel, intellectual pursuits.
The maple tree provides many gifts to us. It bestows the spiritual lessons of change, communication, and even rebelliousness. Known as a traveler’s wood, maple will have you adapting, learning and growing in many ways. Maple is the tree of offering, giving of one's self so that others may benefit. Maple is somewhat rebellious and tough.  It holds the qualities of creation, communication, binding, revolution, rebirth, healing, beauty, art, and abundance.  Full of imagination and originality. Spells concerning art, beauty, binding, and abundance should consider using this wood. The gypsies believe Maple brings gold and that eating the seeds draws love.

This is a truly unique bowl with beautiful grain and colouring in the wood. Justin likes to maintain the natural feel and energy of the wood as much as possible, so the bowl has been finished with oil and wax and then polished to a high gloss and durable finish. 

Approx size 4cm/1.5" high and 14.5cm/5.75" diameter.

Wooden Bowl made from Maple wood handturned in Devon


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