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Simply beautiful bowl made from English Spalted Beech wood with beautiful grains and markings. Handcrafted in our rural Gloucestershire workshop from locally sourced wood, spalting occurs when fungi colonise the wood and this creates the most stunning patterns...nature really is incredible!

Beech wood symbolises creativity, leadership, companionship, aspiration, desire, and victory

This is a truly unique bowl with lovely grain markings. Justin likes to maintain the natural feel and energy of the wood as much as possible and has kept the shape simple so it fits beautifully into your hands. The bowl has been finished with oil and wax and then polished to a high gloss and durable finish.

Approx size 3.5cm/1.5" high and 14cm/5.75" diameter. This would make a beautiful offering bowl or a special place to keep crystals, sacred objects or just as stunning home decoration.

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

Here's a little video of Justin turning a wooden bowl in our workshop, please subscribe to our channel for more videos as we make them!

Wooden Bowl made from English Spalted Beech wood handcrafted in rural Gl


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