This is a truly incredible bowl handcrafted from a fallen 90yr old Ash giant that fell in our sacred woods a few years ago. The wood has so many colours and patterns it feels alive in your hands. Justin has kept the uneven and natural edge to the piece of wood and added a simple criss cross band to the outside picked out with liming wax and a burnt groove. Justin has been working on this bowl for quite a while persuading and allowing the wood to give up its shape and beauty. Approx size 10cm/4" at its highest point and 18cm/7" diameter.

 Ash symbolises and encourages peace of mind, wisdom, brain power, understanding, ambition, strength and good health and offers strong protection for the home

Ash is a hermaphrodite tree carrying both female and male energy and  is closely aligned to the elemental Earth. Ash is a sacred tree of the Celts and the Greeks associated this tree with Neptune and Mercury. The Druids associated this tree with the adder. The Nords held this tree sacred to Woden (Odin), the Nordic World Tree, Yggdrasil, is an Ash tree and is considered to be the father of all trees. The Welsh associated this tree with the God Gwydion. It is considered to be the Tree of Life.

The Ash tree and its wood help instil peace of mind and good health and it contains the qualities of reliability, faithfulness and loyalty. 

Ash being a sacred Celtic tree we have also burnt the Ogham symbol of nion on the bottom for extra energy and protection.

This is a truly unique bowl with absolutely stunning grain and colouring in the wood. Justin likes to maintain the natural feel and energy of the wood as much as possible, so the bowl has been finished with oil and wax and then polished to a high gloss and durable finish. The last pictures show how the tree was when we found it fallen and how we turned the stump into our Storytellers Chair.

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

Wooden Bowl made from English Ash wood handturned in Devon, England