This intricate Viking Compass or Vegvísir symbol has been hand burnt onto the surface of a small sliver of wood found whilst out walking along Otter valley. The wood has been sanded so the surface is smooth to wear. The piece has then been lightly waxed with our own natural beeswax, olive oil and lavender hand-blended wax and given a little polish. It is strung onto an adjustable cord, so it can be put over your head and adjusted to you desired length.

Viking Compass or Vegvísir is a symbol of power, magic and mystery and many people interpret the design of Vegvísir as the protection and the guidance in the storm.
It is thought that as long as a traveller carries the symbol of Vegvísir, they will not get lost. In the circumstances of not wearing the symbol, when they cannot find their path, they will find their way if they draw out the symbol of Vegvísir.

According to legend, the Viking fishermen or warriors liked to apply the symbol of Vegvísir on their ships. Because they believe this symbol would guide them back home safe and sound. Accompanied by the divine power and mystique around, the symbol of Vegvísir was very favoured and respected.  Vegvísir was also used as a talisman of luck, protection, courage, and strength for the Viking daily life. This magical symbol was believed to help them surmount any obstacles that appeared in their life.

Very light and easy to wear. This piece is handmade and as with the nature of wood, no two designs will ever be exactly the same, so it is truly original. Approx 50mm / 2" diameter. Supplied in an organza drawstring bag.

All our handmade items are created and infused with love, positive intentions and a little magic )0(

Wooden Amulet with Viking Compass or Vegvísir Symbol on Found Wood