Lovely tactile Celtic Love Knot symbol on a slice of found wood. The Celtic Love knot, sometimes referred to as the Anam Cara Knot (Deriving from the Irish words for soul friend from Celtic wisdom) is a more modern adaptation of the traditional Triquetra or Trinity Knot. The pattern is infinite, and it is used to represent a relationship of everlasting love, friendship and sisterhood.

Original Celtic knot designs can be dated back to the 3rd-4th century and their nature of one continuous line, with no beginning and no end is thought to reference eternity and eternal life and so they are often regarded as a symbol of infinity.

You have the option of having the piece as a palm symbol or as a pendant on an adjustable cord, please choose from the drop down box.

This piece is handmade and as with the nature of wood, colour and grain will vary a little and size are  pprox 50-65mm / 2-2.5" diameter. Supplied in an organza drawstring bag.

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

Wooden Amulet with Celtic Love Knot pyrography design