This lovely little Wooden Altar Manifestation Box features a Triple Hare Symbol. It would be ideal for offerings, crystals or holding spells, charms or desires. 

The three hares image is found all over the world and on many sacred and religious buildings. Very little is known about it's origins, but is thought to represent similar symbolism to the triquetra and triskele symbols and has been adapted to represent the trinity. It can be seen on the churches of Devon, England where they are known as the "Tinners' Rabbits".

The design has been pyrographed onto the box and finished with with our own natural beeswax, olive oil and lavender hand-blended wax.

Approx size 10.75cm/4.25".

All our handmade items are created and infused with love, positive intentions and a little magic )0(

Wooden Altar Manifestation Box with Triple Hares (Tinners Rabbits) Symbol


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