Wonderful Shamanic Rattle with Garnet Crystals, Herbs and Willow wood handle handcrafted by us in our Devon workshop. The bowl of this rattle is hand sewn and filled with Garnet Crystals and Myrrh incense for grounding and raising Kundalini energy. The handle is made from Devon Willow wood from a friends garden and it brings with it the energy of cycles and renewal. Willow wood is the very essence of magick, not just the mere making a tool into a magical one, willow makes the tool magickal. Willow will align itself to the inner will of the party that shares its energy. The stronger the will, the more effective the wood. Willow is extremely useful in healing. It is also good for love spells and rituals involving emotion. 

 We have painted a Snake head design onto one side with the colored threads forming the snakes tongue to carry the magic of the rattle into the universe. We have left the bark on the handle and then shaped the base to a snakes tail point and added the Willow Ogham symbol (saille) onto it for extra energy.  We have finished the handle with a little of our homemade lavender, beeswax and olive oil polish for protection, recycled leather fringe trim, cruelty free naturally molted feathers and vintage beads. Approx 42cm / 16" length 

Shamanic Rattles are the voices of our ancestors and spirits who come to help the healing process. They are vessels for magic and sacred items and carry the energy of rain and water within them. When you use a rattle to clear energy or a space the vibration and sound takes on the energy of water as it flows around and washes over you gently cleansing and refreshing your aura and energy as though standing under a waterfall

Shamanic Rattles can be used for healing, clearing, raising vibration and just for the joy their wonderful resonance brings to the soul. 

We are very mindful to pay our respects to the animals spirit and ask for its blessing as it is reborn as a wonderful sacred object. Our rattles are made using goat hide which brings with it the spirit of this confident and balanced creature. 

All our rattles are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0( 

We are happy to custom make or decorate a rattle for you, please do contact us with your requirements.

Shamanic Rattle with Snake Energy, Garnet Crystals, Herbs and Willow wood handle


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