Beautiful Preseli Bluestone (Dolerite) crystal set in silver pendant. Preseli Bluestone (Dolerite) is the same stone that the ancient stone monoliths at Stonehenge are made from. This is a powerful variety of stone that has a primordial vibration with an ancient energy. They may assist in the development of psychic gifts and aid you to discover abilities such as dowsing and geomancy.

Their vibration resonates strongly with the solar plexus chakra, to stimulate your willpower and inspire courage, and they help to connect the throat, heart, thymus and soma chakras. These crystal wands are strong aids to enhance your spirituality, as they connect you to the mystical energy of Merlin and his magic. 

All our crystals items are infused with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

The piece pictured is the one you will receive, approx size 44mm. It is suspended on an adjustable cotton cord and supplied in an organza drawstring bag or recycled gift box.

Preseli Bluestone (Dolerite) Crystal Pendant or Amulet set in silver

Organza Bag or Gift Box?

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