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If you would like to make your very own sacred Elder Futhark Runes but don't have access to fallen wood or cutting tools then we can help you! 

We are blessed to be guardians of a small sacred woodland in Devon and the woods we use in these sets is from gifted and fallen trees within our woods. Each set is cut from one single piece so has a wonderful connection to each other and the trees energy is very pure and strong! 

Sets will generally be from oak, ash, hazel or alder, we do sometimes have other woods that are the right size and if you want a specific wood, please ask and we will try our best, otherwise we will intuitively choose for you. Pieces will be bark attached and un-sanded. As they are all cut from a single gifted branch they do vary a little in size where the branch would have thickened and narrowed but the approx size is size 25mm

We will also supply a guideline description of each rune and then you can feel your way into crafting and working with them. You also have the option of adding a handmade cotton pouch to keep your finished runes in.

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

Please note the picture of finished Elder Futhark Runes is for guidance only, the sets will be blank for you to add your own symbols.

Make your own Elder Futhark Runes set of 24 blank British Wood - DIY Pagan


Buy 2 or more items and get 10% off 💚

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