Naturally faceted double terminated Lithium Quartz crystal pendant. Lithium Quartz is a beautiful crystal with a tinge and sometimes more of pink or lilac light to them. It has a sweet calming energy that is effective to help stress and tension. It is an excellent meditation stone that will heighten the profoundness of your inner journey and support spiritual growth.

As the name suggests, this crystal contains lithium which is often prescribed for depression, so it's not surprising that the vibration of this lovely crystal may help with stress, depression and anxiety. It will move throughout your entire body, healing areas of the aura that need help and activating all of the chakras. It is also a wonderful stone for healers and therapists to use and to wear, as it helps to create a peaceful and harmonious space for healing.

The crystal has been lovingly wrapped in silver coloured wire taking into consideration it's shape and form to preserve and enhance its natural beauty whilst ensuring it is strong and wearable. It has been hung onto an adjustable cord, so it can put over your head and adjusted to you desired length. 

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

The pendant pictured is the one you will receive approx 2.5cm/1" in size and supplied in a drawstring organza bag.

Lithium Quartz Polished Crystal Pendant or amulet