We have put together this Healing Ritual Kit to help you focus your intention and allow the universal healing energies to flow into your life to heal both your body and mind in a gentle but powerful way. This is a tried and tested ritual, it is not a one off quick fix spell, you will need to be committed to practising on a regular basis in order to strengthen your healing abilities.

All the elements have been hand-blended, handcrafted and selected by us with our full intention and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. You will not be required to learn lots of complicated script just a simple but extremely powerful healing mantra. We have included enough supplies for you to carry out the ritual numerous times and we offer extra candles and mists when you run out. 

The kit includes the following; 
One bottle of our Deep Healing Crystal Energy Aura Mists made with our own gem essences under a full moon and a sympathetic blend of essential oils. 
4 hand rolled dark blue beeswax spell candles 
A Quartz crystal point and a Smoky Quartz crystal point
A pouch of hand-blended Healing herbs and resins, many of which have been gathered or grown by us. Full instructions for the ritual. 
The kit comes in a simple 100% recycled box to keep it all safe and in one place. This also makes it easy to wrap for a very thoughtful gift. 

All our handcrafted ritual kits are made with our love and positive intentions )0( 

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Healing Ritual Kit with Instructions