Unique set of 4 English Myrtle Wood Gypsy Charms Runes handmade with love and intention. They are cut from one single piece so have a wonderful connection to each other and their energy is very pure and strong! 

Myrtle - In Ancient mythology the Myrtle tree is sacred, especially to Venus and Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty. Myrtle trees were planted in Aphrodite’s temple gardens and she is often depicted with a Myrtle crown or wreath. For centuries, fragrant sprigs of Myrtle have been included in a wedding bouquet to symbolise the bride’s love and beauty, it is still a popular European custom today. Myrtle wood is all about balanced energy and its energy helps us to step back and see the big picture, not getting overwhelmed by the details. It helps to balance the energies within us or a situation and will aid in decision making, but not luck. This wood is very versatile. It is good for healing, creating abundance, and for nurturing passionate love. However, it has a very honest energy and will not tolerate deception or "creative truth" in any of your workings with it.

Gypsy Charms are symbols that have been adapted from ancient symbols and carry their own energy and meanings. They can be used for protection, attraction, manifestation and good health etc.. and we will supply a guideline description of each and then you can feel your way into working with them.

Approx size is size 35/40mm. They are lightly waxed with our own beeswax, olive oil and essential oil polish and they come in a handmade recycled fabric pouch.

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

Gypsy Charms Set crafted from English Myrtle Wood