Unusual Gaspeite crystal set in sterling silver. Gaspeite resonates strongly within the higher heart to aid forgiveness and to release hurt feelings and painful emotions. 

A deeply healing crystal, it was used by the local Aboriginal people in Western Australian during Dreamtime, to help them to experience visions as well as to aid healing, as it embodies a highly spiritual vibration that will aid spiritual communication and assist contact with other worlds.

These unusual stones have a wonderful healing vibration and will transfer the healing power to the person using it, helping you to better utilize the energy of coincidence and synchronicity.

The energy that Gaspeite brings to your life is very grounded spiritual energy, that encourages you to live life in the real world, yet from a spiritual perspective. The vibration of this stone helps you to extend your consciousness so that you are more aware of how you need to live your life in the everyday world. This energy assists you to be aware of the spiritual aspects of situations as they occur, which also helps you to better align yourself with living your life how you wish to, rather than allowing yourself to slip back into old habits that may not be helpful to you.

All our crystals items are infused with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

The piece pictured is the one you will receive, approx size 45mm set stone size not including fixings, set in sterling silver. Suspended on an adjustable cotton cord and presented in an organza drawstring bag or recycled gift box.

Gaspeite Crystal Pendant or Amulet set in sterling silver

Organza Bag or Gift Box?

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