We have put together this crystal healing kit to help with the day to day stress of the world we live in. Life can be very hectic and we often find ourselves in a relentless circle of demans and dealindes on our time, energy and patience, then something unexpected comes along and we feel close to the edge. If we can't remove the stress from our lives then we need tools to help us deal with it and stop it from overwhelming us. All of these crystals have been chosen from experience and we have focused on crystals that encourage taking care of you with more love, sleep, postivity and keeping your feet on ground during the fight or flight moments.

The kit comes in a little organza drawstring bag with a guide on how to use and look after your crystals. Crystals may vary in size, shape and colour. This healing kit contains the following crystals.

Rose Quartz - unconditional love, creates a soft warm calmness and a feeling that everything will be ok and you can trust yourself

Amethyst - relaxes and calms, encourages a sober view which can be very helpful when you are overwhelmed. Encourages restful sleep.

Citrine - boosts the solar plexus chakra which encourages self belief and esteem and finding your way back to your true self.

Smoky Quartz - grounds and protects, keeps your feet on the floor, removes negative energy and encourages the light back in.

Kellie is a Reiki Master and Crystal energy worker and all crystals are cleansed prior to sending out.

Crystal Healing Kit for Stress Relief incl tumble stones