We have put together this crystal healing kit to help you get restful sleep as this is one of the most important elements to all round good health. So often we hit the pillow and spend ages churning the day over in our heads, or we wake after a few hours and find it hard to get back to sleep. Poor sleep will lead to problems during the following day and not allow our bodies to to recharge and recuperate. We have put together a selection of crystals that help to calm both the mind and the body creating a soft and gentle feeling to help you gently rest and sleep.

The kit comes in a little organza drawstring bag with a guide on how to use and look after your crystals. Crystals may vary in size, shape and colour. This healing kit contains the following crystals.

Amethyst - encourages sleep and calm, very sobering and helps to balance both the physical and emotional system.

Selenite - creates a peaceful and calming environment, very protecting and soothing.

Sodalite - helps to switch off mental chatter, allows the brain to slow to a softer vibration limked to the intuition and dreamtime.

Smoky Quartz - very grounding and restful, draws off negative and blocked energy from the aura and physical body.

Kellie is a Reiki Master and Crystal Energy worker and all crystals are cleansed prior to sending out.

Crystal Healing Kit for Restful Sleep incl tumble stones and guidelines