We have put together this crystal healing kit to help alleviate the feelings of grief and loneliness that can become overwhelming when a loved one passes over. Whilst grieving is a natural process and part of life, if it becomes all consuming for too long it can lead onto other mental health and subsequent physical problems. The crystals we have chosen are all very gentle and encouraging in their vibration and work on a more subtle level than most.

The kit comes in a little organza drawstring bag with a guide on how to use and look after your crystals. Crystals may vary in size, shape and colour. This healing kit contains the following crystals.

Mookaite - helps to dispel loneliness by reducing fear and encouraging self worth and the desire to move forward. 

Rose Quartz - unconditional love, very nurturing, gently protects and cocoons in its beautiful warm pink energy

Jet - helps to balance mood swings and depression, taking control and protecting. Jet will also absorb negative energy and was commonly used by the Victorians as mourning jewellery.
Selenite - very calming, creates a sense of peace, hope and optimism. 


Kellie is a Reiki Master and Crystal energy worker and all crystals are cleansed prior to sending out.

Crystal Healing Kit for Helping Grief and Loneliness incl tumble stones