We have put together this crystal healing kit as a sort of crystal kick up the backside! There are many reasons why you become lack lustre, tired of life and generally loose your mojo. It can be a combination of emotions but if left unchecked you can slip into bad habits that have the potential to become physical problems. We have put together a selection of crystals which will stimulate your Kundalini (life force) energy, protect you, help you find your inner strength and bring your smile back. 

The kit comes in a little organza drawstring bag with a guide on how to use and look after your crystals. Crystals may vary in size, shape and colour. This healing kit contains the following crystals.

Tigers Eye - very protecting, allows you to find strength and take control or your life, encourages prosperity and success.

Citrine - stimulates the solar plexus chakra encouraging self belief and will power. Pulls abundance and prosperity into your life.

Carnelian - stimulates the sacral chakra encouraging your creativity and life force to flow

Dragons Blood -  encourages joy and vitality, promotes goal achieving and success and stimulates the flow of Kundalini energy.

Kellie is a Reiki Master and Crystal energy worker and all crystals are cleansed prior to sending out.

Crystal Healing Kit for Encouraging Motivation and Will Power incl tumble stones