We have put together this crystal healing kit to encourage and attract love and happiness into your life. This is not just for romantic purposes this also includes self love and acceptance, friendship and universal love. You can in turn use these crystals to send love and happiness out into the world and everything you send out will always be returned to you. These crystals have been chosen for a good balance of acceptance of where you are and encouragement to move forward. Learning to love yourself is the first stage to attracting love from others.

The kit comes in a little organza drawstring bag with a guide on how to use and look after your crystals. Crystals may vary in size, shape and colour. This healing kit contains the following crystals.

Rose Quartz - unconditional love and acceptance, gently encourages letting go of any past fears and hurts to make way for love to blossom.

Rhodonite - attracts love and happines by encouraging inner growth and overcoming obstacles and trauma stopping you

Citrine - attracts abundance into your life and positive energy. Creates a warm sunny glow.

Clear Quartz Point - energy storing and releasing, hold point out to release negative energy and point in to encourage positive energy back in.

These crystals can be placed in the love corner of your home which is the far right hand corner from your front door.

Kellie is a Reiki Master and Crystal energy worker and all crystals are cleansed prior to sending out.

Crystal Healing Kit for Encouraging Love and Happiness incl tumble stones