Natural and beautiful wand made from English Rosemary Wood. Rosemary is an incredibly magical plant and items made from it's wood are quite unusual and sought after.

Rosemary has always been highly prized for it's magical and protecting properties. It can be used to dispel negative and evil doings, aid with memory and extinguish jealousy and maintain fidelity. It is a very feminine herb linked with Aphrodite, Hebe and Mary and associated with feminine power. The old adage of 'where Rosemary grows the mistress is master' caused men to cut the roots of plants in their gardens so that they would wither and die, rather than face the laughter and knowing looks of the other menfolk!!

Quartz is known as the 'Master Healer' and is the one of the purest energy crystals around. Quartz points can be used to draw off negative energy (draw your circle anticlockwise or widdershins) and to pull in positive energy (draw your circle clockwise or deosil) and will amplify other crystals around them. 

The natural shape of the wood has been lovingly respected and a delicate flowing spiral has been hand shaped onto it to encourage the natural flow of energy through the wood. The Quartz crystal point has been fixed onto the end in the direction the wood has grown on the shrub, again to keep the natural energy flowing. A pentagram, triple moon and protection rune have been added along with the words Protection and Strength have been written in Ogham staves. It has been protected with our own natural beeswax, olive oil and lavender hand-blended wax and given a little polish.

The wand pictured is the one you will receive approx sizes 12.5"/32cm length. 

All our handmade items are created and infused with love, positive intentions and a little magic )0(

If you have need for a wand made just for you, we are happy to take commissions which incorporate your own sacred symbols, please message us with your ideas.

Wooden Wand made from English Rosemary wood with Quartz crystal point


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