Stunning Blue Scheelite crystal pendant. There is a strength in Blue Scheelite and its message is this: "We can do anything together for the common good of all. "Blue Scheelite represents the coming together of humanity, with all of its diversity. It is extending the flame of one candle to light the next. It represents clarity of intention, connection and community. 

This is truly one of those crystals that was discovered at the exact right time. It is a tool that every man, woman and child need to have in their energy field to maintain a tranquil, calming energy that will help to feel safe and secure, no matter what the circumstance.

There is a tangible goodness that can be felt when holding this stone and a sense of calm and well-being emanates from it. For those who feel uninspired, work with Blue Scheelite to remove creative blocks.

This stone exhibits varied layers, which mirrors our own life experiences and lessons and these layers represent the shifts of energy and frequency that we are constantly experiencing and adjusting to accommodate. Blue Scheelite helps to release and remove toxins from our spiritual bod on a higher level and vibration. It will open a direct, clear line of communication to higher energies (angels, saints, Divine Source) be it in a waking state or a dreaming one, while maintaining a sense of grounding for the body and experiences or information received during this time will be remembered in exacting detail.

Emotionally, for those who are facing inconsolable fears (personal issues, the direction of current events, natural earth based events, etc.) know that Blue Scheelite will soothe and comfort your fears and any uncertainty. Blue Scheelite can also help to ease anxiety, panic and PTSD issues. It is also a wonderfully supportive companion to those facing addiction and recovery as well.

Physically, Blue Scheelite can help to clear up allergy and sinus issues--stuffy runny noses, sneezing, congestion, dry throat, etc. It would also help to clear up issues with the eyes, ears, nose or throat.

Dolomite helps to lift sorrow from us and allows us to see that there is no reason to feel the sorrow. This crystal can help us with the process of original thoughts. It allows us to relax and just let everything unfold, let everything become without our interference.

The crystal has been lovingly wrapped in silver coloured wire taking into consideration its shape and form to preserve and enhance its natural beauty whilst ensuring it is strong and wearable. It has been hung on an adjustable cord, so it can put over your head and adjusted to you desired length.

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

This piece pictured is the one you will receive approx 5cm/2". Supplied in an organza drawstring bag

Blue Scheelite (Scheelite with Dolomite) Crystal Pendant or Amulet