This beautiful Ceremonial Smudge Fan has been lovingly created using cruelty free feathers, crystals, charms and gifted wood. Each fan is handcrafted intuitively using a combination of materials that are called together. This particular fan is approx 33cm / 13" long and includes a variety of feathers on a Devon Rosemary wood handle with a howling wolf charm and peach moonstone crystals to encourage communication and connection with the universe. We have also added a bind rune for balance, protection and realising your power. 

Rosemary is an incredibly magical plant and items made from it's wood are quite unusual and sought after.

Rosemary has always been highly prized for it's magical and protecting properties. It can be used to dispel negative and evil doings, aid with memory and extinguish jealousy and maintain fidelity. It is a very feminine herb linked with Aphrodite, Hebe and Mary and associated with feminine power. The old adage of 'where Rosemary grows the mistress is master' caused men to cut the roots of plants in their gardens so that they would wither and die, rather than face the laughter and knowing looks of the other menfolk!!

We collect native feathers whenever we find them and also source them from our friend Srdjan who is an ornithologist and spends most of his time in nature and helping with recuse and conservation projects. All the feathers are naturally molted, not plucked from birds reared for food or shot for conservation purposes. Having these beautiful sacred objects knowing in our hearts that no creatures have been harmed is something which is very important to us.
 All our handcrafted items are made with our love and intention and a little magic )0( 

We also sell a range of sage, incense and holy woods suitable for smudging.

Ceremonial Smudge Fan handcrafted with cruelty free feathers


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