This beautiful ceramic offering bowl with Pentagram Mandala design has been crafted, glazed and fired in our Devon workshop. It would be a wonderful addition to your altar and could hold crystals, herbs or other offerings. Approx size  13.5cm / 5.5" wide. It is rustic construction making it very tactile to hold.

A pentagram is a five pointed star and means "five line" or "five lines" and was used extensively by the ancient peoples of Greece and Babylonia for whom it stood for magical energies and associations. In Pagan and Wiccan tradition the five points of the pentagram represent the four elements air, earth, fire, and water with the addition of Spirit or Akasha as the uppermost point. It is an incredibly powerful symbol which can be drawn in one stroke making it very fluid.

All our handmade items are created and infused with love, positive intentions and a little magic )0(

Ceramic Offering Bowl or Altar Decoration with Pentagram Mandala design