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In many Celtic, Pagan and Wiccan based rituals, the nine sacred woods are incorporated into ritual fires and ceremonies and often used to start the fire. These nine sacred woods are the first nine trees in the Celtic Ogham tree calendar and are an integral part of the Beltane fire or Bael/Bale Fire. 

We are blessed to live close to ancient woodlands and the majority of the woods in these sets is from gifted and fallen trees from these sacred groves. Other woods have been carefully gathered from our garden and close to our home so the energy is pure and very strong! Each set of Celtic Sacred Wood staves is hand gathered and crafted by us with our love and full intention. They are left as natural as possible, with just a little carving to make them comfortable to hold and we burn the corresponding Ogham symbols onto each stave for additional energy and protection. 

Each set contains one of each of the following woods, Birch - Beith, Rowan - Luis, Alder - Fearn, Willow - Saille, Ash - Nion, Hawthorn - Uath, Oak - Dair, Holly - Tinne and Hazel - Coll. 

These sacred sets can be used ritually to start your Bael Fire or other ceremonial fire or you may wish to use them symbolically on your altar if you cannot bring yourself to setting them alight.

All our handcrafted items are created and infused with love, positive intentions and a little magic )0(

Each set will look a little different but staves are approx 9cm / 3.5" long and come bound with a natural raffia tie. 

Celtic Sacred Wood Ogham Staves set of 9 for Bale Fire, Bael Fire, Pagan rituals


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