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The Sacred Ogham or Celtic Tree Alphabet has been in use since the 4th century and can be used both as an alphabet and as a divinatory tool or oracle. Trees were considered sacred to the Druids and Celtic people and each tree was given it's own symbol to express and tap into the trees energy. 

We are blessed to live close to ancient woodlands and the majority of the woods in these sets is from gifted and fallen trees from these sacred groves. Other woods have been carefully gathered from our garden and close to our home so the energy is pure and very strong!! Each set of Ogham Staves is handcrafted by us with our love and full intention. They are left as natural as possible, with just a little carving to make them comfortable to hold and we burn the corresponding Ogham symbols onto each stave for additional energy and protection. 

Each set of 20 Ogham Staves contains one of each of the following woods, 
Birch - Beith, B, beginnings, renewal, youth 
Rowan - Luis, L, protection, expression, connection
Alder - Fearn, F, endurance, strength, passion 
Willow - Saille, S, imagination, intuition, vision 
Ash - Nion, N, connection, wisdom, surrender 
Hawthorn - Huath, H, contradiction, consequence, relationships
Oak - Dair, D, strength, stability, nobility
Holly - Tinne , T, action, assertion, objectivity
Hazel - Coll, C, creativity, purity, honesty
Apple - Quert, Q, beauty, love, generosity
Vine (Bramble) - Muin, M, introspection, relaxation, depth
Ivy - Gort, G, determination, change, patience
Reed- Ngetal, NG, harmony, health, growth
Blackthorn - Straif, ST, discipline, control, perspective
Elder - Ruis, R, transition, evolution, continuation
Fir - Ailm, A, clarity, achievement, energy
Gorse - Onn, O, transmutation, resourcefulness, exposure
Heather - Ur, U, dreams, romance, feelings
Poplar - Eadhadh, E, victory, transformation, vision
Yew - Iodhadh, I, transference, passage, illusion

The above is a short guideline, there are numerous resources online and books that give ideas and more information. We would suggest you familiarise yourself with the energy of each wood one at a time and allow your inner knowing to guide you. 

All our handcrafted items are created and infused with love, positive intentions and a little magic )0(

Each set will look a little different but staves are approx 9cm / 3.5" long and come in a handmade cotton bag with description as above of each stave.

Celtic Ogham Staves set of 20 for divination, Pagan, Wiccan rituals


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