Stunning Celestobarite crystal set in sterling silver mount. Celestobarite is a Shamanic Oracle Stone that shows you what happens in the future, as Celestobarite clarifies issues and then lets you decide.

Considered an excellent journeying stone that holds you suspended between the base and crown chakras, this stone acts as a guardian while you are in the Shamanic middle world. Presenting the dark side in a joyful way, this crystal has a 'joker' energy which also reminds us that nothing stays the same. 

Celestobarite is believed to 'cut through barriers', taking you to the edge and safety beyond.

This beautiful crystal is mined locally from near Bristol.

All our crystals items are infused with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

The piece pictured is the one you will receive, approx size 25mm set stone size not including fixings, set in sterling silver. Suspended on an adjustable cotton cord and presented in an organza drawstring bag or recycled gift box.

Celestobarite Crystal Pendant or Amulet set in silver on adjustable cord

Organza Bag or Gift Box?

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