Stunning raw Blade of Light Quartz (Columbian Lemurian Star Seed) crystal pendant. Blade of Light Quartz (Columbian Lemurian Star Seed) are an incredibly pure and clear variety of quartz originating in Colombia with a similar energy to Lemurian quartz. Interestingly, Colombian miners that search for 'Blades of Light' Quartz claim that the quartz helps to strengthen the immune system and keeps them clear of infection, so they are never ill when they are handling it.

Blade of Light Quartz vibrate at a higher frequency than most other quartz, and can help you to tune and raise your own vibration to a level which harmonises with the new waves of energy as they come into the Earth’s field. These crystals are incredibly heart-centred, clarifying the energy and stimulating loving consciousness, so we are better able to feel love for humanity, as well as a stronger heart connection with whatever we hold sacred or divine.

Their shape aids decision-making, reduces mental fog, and points you in the direction of your life path and they work well as Control or Personal Crystal, as they contain a great deal of information and insight to share with their human partner. 

The crystal has been lovingly wrapped in silver coloured wire taking into consideration the crystals shape and form to preserve and enhance it's natural beauty whilst ensuring it is strong and wearable. It has been hung on an adjustable cord, so it can put over your head and adjusted to you desired length.

All our handcrafted items are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(

The pendant pictured is the one you will receive approx 4.5cm/1.75" in size and supplied in a drawstring organza bag or upgrade to a 100% recycled card gift box with raffia tie.

Blade of Light Quartz (Columbian Lemurian Star Seed) Crystal Pendant