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Do you have very specific goals in mind and need a little extra magic to help you focus? We can put together a Bespoke Ritual Kit, handcrafted just for your needs with your intentions in mind. As with all our ritual kits, they will include tried and tested recipes and will require your commitment to making them work for you.  Our ritual kits are not a one off quick fix spells, you will need to practice on a regular basis in order to send your vibration out into the universe. 

All the elements will be hand-blended, handcrafted and selected by us with our full intention for you and if you require instructions these will be clear and easy to follow. You will not be required to learn lots of complicated script just a simple but extremely powerful mantra. We will include enough supplies for you to carry out the ritual numerous times and we offer extra candles and mists when you run out. 

The bespoke kit will include the following; 
One bottle of Bespoke Crystal Energy Aura Mists made with our own gem essences under a full moon and a sympathetic blend of essential oils. 
4 hand rolled dark blue beeswax spell candles 
2 crystals which we feel will work for your needs 
A pouch of hand-blended bespoke herbs and resins, many of which have been gathered or grown by us. 
Optional instructions for the ritual if required 

The kit will come in a simple 100% recycled box to keep it all safe and in one place. 

All our handcrafted ritual kits are made with our love and positive intentions )0( 

We are happy to discuss your requirements before you place your order and will be completely honest with you. We are happy to assist with most wishes, but please be aware that we will not put together rituals for hexes or wishing ill on anyone. Do what you will but harm none )0( 

Bespoke Ritual Kit


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