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Beautiful 14" Round Shamanic Drum handcrafted and birthed by us in our rural Gloucestershire workshop. We were guided to decorate this drum with a Triple Hare design this image is found all over the world and on many sacred and religious buildings. Very little is known about it's origins, but is thought to represent similar symbolism to the triquetra and triskele symbols and has been adapted to represent the trinity. It can be seen on the churches of Devon, England where they are known as the "Tinners' Rabbits". The hare is also linked with the Goddess and is one of her favoured animals.

Shamanic Drumming works with the natural law of resonance to restore the energetic integrity of our body, mind, and spirit. Sound vibrations transfer their resonance to the subtle bodies allowing the energetic system to come into sync. Shamanic drums can be used for healing, clearing, raising vibration and just for the joy their wonderful resonance brings to the soul. 

We are very mindful to pay our respects to the animals spirit and ask for its blessing as it is reborn as a wonderful sacred object. This drum is made using goat hide and brings with it the spirit of this agile and sturdy creature. Goats are known for their sure footed-ness and ability to survive in the harshest environments. They go where they wish and bring an essence of confidence and balance. Feel this energy when you use this drum.

Our drums are individually cut and made with the hand lacing cut from the same hide as the drum to keep the energy flowing. We hand lace each drum and dry naturally, in the sunshine if possible or by an open fire in winter!

We supply a hand whittled beater with the drum made from locally found wood and recycled leather padded head which we finish with a little of our homemade lavender, beeswax and olive oil polish for protection.

Have a look at the video to hear how it sounds, this drum is number 1!

All our drums are created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0( 

We do offer International delivery, if your country is not listed and you would like a quote, please just message us and we will be happy to help.

We are happy to custom make or decorate a drum for you, please do contact us with your requirements.

Shamanic Drum with Triple Hares Design - 14" diameter, includes beater


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