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Beautiful and powerful Lemurian Star Seed, Mother of Pearl, Moonstone and Lavender Amethyst Amulet Charm for Compassion. We were drawn to combine the energy of these crystals wrapping them in amplifying wire and weaving in magic to create a unique and very potent amulet. 

Lemurian Star Seed (Blade of Light Quartz) vibrate at a higher frequency than most other quartz, and can help you to tune and raise your own vibration to a level which harmonises with the new waves of energy as they come into the Earth’s field. These crystals are incredibly heart-centred, clarifying the energy and stimulating loving consciousness, so we are better able to feel love for humanity, as well as a stronger heart connection with whatever we hold sacred or divine.

Mother of Pearl heightens intuition, psychic sensitivity and imagination. It transmutes negative energy and helps to purify environments. 

Moonstone is associated with the Moon and is a stone of intuition and insight, helping us to balance the emotional body and to soothe and relieve stress. 

Lavender Amethyst is a soothing and gentle stone for activating the crown chakra and connecting to higher realms.

Approx 65mm length and supplied in an organza drawstring bag. It is strung with onto an adjustable cord, so it can be put over your head and adjusted to you desired length. 

All our handmade items are created and infused with love, positive intentions and a little magic )0(

Lemurian Star Seed, Mother of Pearl, Moonstone and Lavender Amethyst Amulet Char


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